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Chapt. 1 -- Biciclette

Chapt. 2 -- Case

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[1 Biciclette]
FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta) is a not-for-profit organization with an environmentalist agenda. It was created in 1989, and it has local chapters and affiliated organizations in every region of Italy. FIAB's portal contains dozens of links to Italian and European sites on cycling, the environment, and pertinent legislation.
Created in 1896, La Gazzetta dello Sport is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy, and it is entirely dedicated to sport. Printed on its characteristic pink paper, it is the Italian daily with the third largest circulation. Since 1909, it sponsors the Giro d'Italia.
The section of La Gazzetta's homepage devoted to cycling. It includes a page with news and information on the last edition of the Giro d'Italia (in Italian, English, French, Spanish and German).
The official pages of the Tour de France (in French and in English) and the Vuelta de España (in Spanish).
The page of the FCI (Federazione Ciclistica Italiana). Founded in 1885, it operates under the aegis of the National Italian Olympic Committee (CONI).
The portal of “Italy's leading cycling magazines”: Bicicletta, Il giornale delle Gran Fondo, and BdM - Mountain Bike World.
The page of bicycle-maker Bianchi, with information about its products and its professional cycling team.
Antonio Colombo is a renowned entrepreneur producing and selling bicycles under three different brands, including Cinelli, and also a contemporary art collector/gallerist with a passion for art on the subject of the bicycle.
From the site of the Italian Parliament, the text of a 2000 law against the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.
The official page of a young professional cyclist, Danilo Di Luca. In Italian and in English, with images and animations.
The site of an Italian movement connected to the global counterculture of Critical Mass, which organizes bicycle rides on the last Friday of every month. “Critical Mass focuses on the rights of bicyclists and the rights of pedestrians on their own streets. It also brings attention to the deteriorating quality of life... that cars create for cities” (

Il ciclismo nella canzone italiana
The official page of Francesco De Gregori, with audio files and videos of his songs.
The official page of Luigi Grechi, with downloadable mp3 files.
The official page of the band Yo Yo Mundi.
The official pages of Paolo Conte, with audio files of his songs and videos.
The official page of Gino Paoli, with audio and video files.
The official page of Enrico Ruggeri. [repaired]
The official page of the band Litfiba, with audio files of their songs. [changed]
The official page of Piero Pelù, formerly the lead singer of the band Litfiba, with video files of his music and interviews.
The official page of Alexia, who wrote a song on Marco Pantani after his death. Contains audio files of her songs.

Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo
The official page of young writer Enrico Brizzi.
A Brizzi fan site, created by Maurizio Labate (aka Zanna) and Christian Di Leo, experts/admirers/friends of the writer. It contains a biography, pages on Brizzi's works, articles by Brizzi, and chronicles of the encounters between the web hosts and their idol.
A page on the movie adaptation of Brizzi's Jack Frusciante è uscito dal gruppo.

Coppi e Bartali
A page devoted to Fausto Coppi, including pictures of his family house in Tortona (Piedmont), now a museum. [repaired, text modified]
From a web site devoted to famous journalist Gianni Brera, a page including articles on cycling champions of yesteryear.
In the online archives of Italian public TV one can find a black and white video of Bartali and Coppi singing together on a famous music show.

Marco Beccaria
The hilarious blog of Marco Beccaria, the author of the short story “Il Gianni.”

Città ciclabili
A page from the official web site of the Comune of Ferrara, highlighting the city's attitudes and initiatives regarding the bicycle. Among the various links, one that leads to a large map of the city with bicycle paths.

An Italian newsgroup, focusing on cycling.
The official page of Marco Pantani.
The official page of Mario Cipollini.

Io non ho paura
The official page of writer Niccolò Ammaniti, with excerpts from his works and links to videos, including one showing his talk at Mantua's literature festival.
The official site of Gabriele Salvatores' movie, based on Ammaniti's novel Io non ho paura. With audio and video files.
This page describes in simple terms two children's bicycles, called Saltafoss and Tin Tin Ager, the latter shown in a famous 1971 Italian commercial of a snack bar by Alemagna. They seem to be the inspiration for the bike featured in a central scene of Ammaniti's novel.

[2 Case] [repaired; text modified]
Essays, in Acrobat format, on the daily life of Italian families, with reference to their homes and the areas where they live. The documents contain statistical data accompanied by commentary. It was researched by Italy's leading statistical agency, Istat. [changed]
The page of an Italian magazine focusing on current trends in home furnishing and decor.
The official page of architect and designer Ettore Sottsass.
Cassina is one of the world's leading manufacturers of designer furniture. An elegant site, which includes pictures and brief descriptions of a large number of products, designed, among others, by Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Philip Stark.

The official page of singer Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti. Contains audio files and video clips (go to Among them, a high-quality video of the song “Questa è la mia casa.”

Under the Tuscan Sun
The official page of writer Frances Mayes.
Unofficial web site of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun (in English).

Dacia Maraini
The official page of writer Dacia Maraini (in Italian and in English).

A site offering advice to tenants, building administrators and apartment owners.
A portal for online surfers looking for all kinds of information and resources on homes and home living.
The site of Il Sole 24 ore, one of the largest financial newspapers in Europe, includes a very informative section on the real estate market in Italy, on mortgages and legal issues of interest to tenants, owners and administrators.
Online mortgage applications (in Italian) and useful tools, such as calculators and family budget planners. Students can use these interactive features to practice basic language (monthly expenses, income and taxes, housing affordability, etc.).

Ferzan Ozpetek
The official page of Turkish-Italian director Ferzan Ozpetek.

Annunci economici
A comprehensive, searchable, online database of real estate ads for all of Italy.
Real estate classifieds for long and short term rentals in Italy (sublets, accommodations for university students, vacation rentals).

A newsgroup where Italian users help each other with problems related to their apartments.

La cucina aperta
The portal of three furniture magazines (L'Ambiente Cucina, Casastile, Ufficiostile). It also includes catalogues of products and shopping guides.
The pages of two of the largest manufacturers of kitchen furniture in Italy.

Aldo Nove [changed]
A stylish site on young writer Aldo Nove.

The Italian page of furniture-maker and retailer IKEA.

Valerio Magrelli
Poet Valerio Magrelli debates poetry with high school students, on a TV educational program. These pages contain transcripts of the Q&A session with the studio audience.

[3 Città]

The official web addresses of most Italian cities and towns follow this format: For ex.:
The page of Rome's Il Messaggero contains links to local editions of the newspaper, distributed in regions of central Italy.

Nanni Moretti
Fans' sites dedicated to actor, director and producer Nanni Moretti. With synopses of all his movies, and famous quotes from his fictional personae.

One of the first and best official web sites of an Italian city. A virtual map of Bologna helps navigate the site. All kinds of information and details about life in this city.

Silvia Ballestra
A 5' interview to writer Silvia Ballestra.

A fan's site dedicated to Andrea Camilleri and his fiction. It includes a long series of short excerpts organized by theme, recipes of Montalbano's favorite dishes, and a glossary of his favorite dialectal expressions.
The official page of Sicilian writer Andrea Camilleri.
The official page of the RAI TV series based on Camilleri's fiction.

The page of Naples's newspaper Il Mattino, updated daily.
A page dedicated to the first championship won by Napoli soccer team. It includes pictures and texts of the banners of the tifosi, and short excerpts from Il Mattino and Il Giornale di Napoli recounting every match of that fateful year.

The newsgroup of the tifosi of the Napoli soccer team.

Peppe Lanzetta
Audio interview of Neapolitan actor/writer Peppe Lanzetta, and the video of one of his readings.

Members of this newsgroup discuss issues related to their city, in Italian or in Genoese.

Fabrizio De André
Official site of the foundation created by the family and friends of late singer Fabrizio De André. Among other things, it contains many short video clips of his songs, performed by him and by famous Italian artists.

Fan sites dedicated to Fabrizio De André. They include texts written by De André, reviews by music critics as well as pieces sent in by fans. One can even download Acrobat documents with essays on the singer done by Italian university students.
The newsgroup of De André's fans.

News portal for Milan's metropolitan area, featured inside the page of the daily Corriere della Sera. Contains an archive of high quality videos, constantly updated.

Conte, scioglilingua, filastrocche, proverbi
Counting-out rhymes, nursery rhymes, riddles, lullabies, tongue-twisters, proverbs (textual archives, with some audio clips).
An extensive collection of multimedia projects created by Italian elementary school children, with the help of their teachers. It includes pictures, drawings, posters, and audio files.

Information on St. Nicholas, patron saint of Bari, on the church and on local yearly celebrations. Simple and short.

Martin Mystère
The page of Martin Mystère (in Italian, English and French). It includes comic strips of this character directly from the publisher, Sergio Bonelli.

The local daily Gazzetta di Parma, founded in 1735, is one of the oldest newspapers in Europe.

Italian dialects
A site entirely in Bologna's dialect, with references to city lore and audio files of songs in Bolognese.
From the official site of the city of Ferrara, a page with documents and literature in this northern dialect. Links point to web pages devoted to other northern Italian dialects.
An amatorial site with a rudimentary course in Neapolitan dialect, and notes on pronunciation and basic grammar (in English and Neapolitan).

Local media on the Internet
Inside the web site of RAI, one can find the daily editions of 20 regional newscasts, in high quality streaming video.
TV On Line, from Vicenza (in the Italian North-East), broadcasts live on the Internet in Italian, in high resolution.
Telecolor is a Sicilian TV station that broadcasts live on the Internet, in Italian, in high resolution.
A radio station that broadcasts live on the Internet from Bologna.
A radio station that broadcasts live on the Internet from Sorrento. Programming in Italian and in dialect. The site includes a web cam, broadcasting live images from downtown Sorrento.

Soap italiane,7353,6,00.html,7246,0%5E1613,00.html
The official web sites of some of the most popular Italian soaps, with video and audio clips, information on their characters, summaries, fan forums, chats.

[4 Migrazioni]
EMN (European Migration Network) “provides a European Union-wide network of Nation Contact Points, with their own national networks, linked to each other and to a federating unit.” Its purpose is to monitor “the multidimensional phenomenon of migration.” In English.
The European Migration Information Network is “a web-based system designed to provide a gateway to information on international migration.” It is part of the Migration Research Unit (MRU) at University College London. In English.
Pages of the RAI web site, dedicated to a recent campaign (Dec. 2004) of the Ministero dell'Interno, seeking to foster acceptance and respect of immigrants in Italian society. It is part of a three-year plan developed by RAI with the support of the European Union.
The site of the Department for civil liberties and immigration of the Ministero dell'Interno. In Italian and in English.
Caritas, a Catholic Church organization, has become one of Italy's most active agencies dealing with immigration issues.
Every year, Caritas publishes on the Internet the PowerPoint file of the presentation used for their press conference. Well-organized and easy to follow, it can be used for a class presentation.
A section of the site of statistical agency Istat, where periodic reports and censuses on immigration are published.
The site of the Museo Regionale dell'Emigrazione of Gualdo Tadino (Perugia). Includes a virtual tour, video clips, and an interactive, role-playing game.

Francesco Guccini
The official site of singer songwriter Francesco Guccini.
The newsgroup of Guccini's fans.

The Italian American experience
The site of the Italian American Museum, whose mission is “exploring the rich cultural heritage of Italy and Italian American.”
A site devoted to contemporary Italian American writers. With excerpts from their texts.
The site of the National Italian American Foundation.

Mau Mau
The official site of the band Mau Mau.

Ellis Island
The official site of the American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island. Requires free registration.

Una civiltà di meticci
The site of the Académie Universelle des Cultures, whose members include Umberto Eco. The Académie was created by Nobel Prize Elie Wiesel, and its mission is to fight against intolerance, xenophobia, racism and any form of discrimination. In French and in English.

Italiani nel mondo
The site of the recently created ministry for Italians abroad.
The official page of Gian Antonio Stella, author of the bestseller L'Orda, quando gli albanesi eravamo noi. Rich in multimedia content.

Gianni Celati
A page on Gianni Celati in the site of his publisher, Feltrinelli. It includes a long reading by the author.

Voices of immigrants
Kúmá is an online journal of postcolonial studies, published by the Dipartimento di Italianistica e Spettacolo at Rome's La Sapienza university. It includes an article by Salah Methnani, on language and migration.
An Italian site dedicated to literature by and on immigrants. Includes texts of interviews to authors and activists.

Susanna Tamaro
The official site of writer Susanna Tamaro. In Italian and in English.

[5 America]

Alessandro Baricco
Long excerpts from Baricco's text on globalization, Next.
A long interview (audio only) with Baricco. Includes references to Novecento.
Official multilingual site of Alessandro Baricco's novel City.
Baricco is the “Principal” of a creative writing school founded in 1994.
A good, informative site created by a fan of Baricco.

The Legend of 1900
Links to dozens of reviews of the movie The Legend of 1900, published on American newspapers and magazines.
Trailers (in Italian) of the movies currently showing in theaters in Italy.

Roberto Vecchioni
The official site of singer songwriter Roberto Vecchioni. With video clips, audio files, and a forum for his fans.

The portal of Disney Italia, with games, movie trailers, and the sites of comic books such as Topolino, all in Italian.
The site of the second largest publisher of comics in Italy, with pages on Tex, Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, and all the others. Includes video clips, pictures, strips and background information on the stories.

I Simpsons
The page of Fox Italia, with notes about the programming of the Simpsons in Italy.
Sites of Italian fans of the Simpsons, with simple descriptions of the characters, and parallels between the American characters and Italian culture and society.
A newsgroup for the Italian TV viewers of the Simpsons.

Paolo Conte
The official site of singer songwriter Paolo Conte.
The page of Paolo Conte in the site of the American music label Nonesuch. In English.

Il McPaese
The site of McDonald's Italia.
The site of Slow Food, a movement created in 1989, that fights against the “standardization of taste.” In Italian.

Dolcetto o scherzetto?
An Italian site devoted to the “new tradition” of Halloween. With suggestions and instructions to make costumes, ideas for Halloween parties, pictures, etc. In Italian. There is also an English version, which is more commerce oriented.

Super eBayer!
The portal of the Italian version of eBay.

Andrea De Carlo
The official page of Andrea De Carlo is currently offline. This link points to a page of the writer's high school in Milan, the Liceo Berchet. The students of this famous school offer their comments and ideas on most of the books written by De Carlo.
A video clip with an interview to Andrea De Carlo.

The music page of KataWeb, one of the Italian portals richest in content.
The site of the historic monthly Il Mucchio Selvaggio, specializing in Italian and international rock.
One of the best Italian fan sites devoted to Bob Dylan.

[6 Europa]
The official portal of the European Union, with links to pages in 20 different languages.
The Italian version of the official site of the EU.
An archive of simple and informative material on the EU (in Italian). Includes dozens of documents, posters, and maps.
The site of Eurobarometer, the agency that conducts surveys for the European Commission. Its archive includes surveys and reports on a variety of relevant issues.
A collection of simple interactive games based on European themes.
The Enciclopedia Multimediale delle Scienze Filosofiche has invited Italian academics and intellectuals for a series of interviews/lectures on issues that are particularly relevant for today's Italy. The link points to the section that lists the interviews/lectures focusing on Europe.
The official site of the Presidency of the Italian Republic. Includes a page devoted to Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

Diego Marani e l'Europanto
La Rondine is a site on Finland and Italy realized in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Helsinki. This page contains two detailed reviews of Marani's Nuova grammatica del finlandese.
A page in the artificial language created by Diego Marani, Europanto.

Stefano Bartezzaghi
The section of the site of La Repubblica that indexes the most recent articles by Stefano Bartezzaghi.
The section of the site of La Repubblica that indexes crossword puzzles created by Stefano Bartezzaghi. The puzzles can be completed online. The solutions are also available online.

The site of poetry journal Semicerchio.

Edoardo Sanguineti
The page of Edoardo Sanguineti in the site of Italian publisher Feltrinelli. It includes interviews, articles, a poetry reading and a special multimedia poetic creation on emoticons.
A page on Edoardo Sanguineti, with biographical notes and poems.

Antonio Tabucchi
The page of Antonio Tabucchi in the site of Italian publisher Feltrinelli. It includes interviews, articles and reviews.

Generazione E
Various sites, mostly in Italian, on the European educational exchange programs.
The official site of the movie L'appartamento spagnolo. With texts, pictures and a video of the movie trailer.

Romano Prodi
The page of Romano Prodi, in the official site of the European Commission.

La costituzione europea
The Italian version of the new European Constitution.

Renato Soru e Tiscali
Portals of ISP Tiscali, owned by Renato Soru. The European version contains news and general information on the EU.
The site of Soru's political movement, “Progetto Sardegna.”

[7 Ustica]
The official site of the Associazione Parenti delle Vittime della Strage di Ustica.
A “historical/journalistic archive” that offers detailed information and official documents on two tragic events from the Summer of 1980: the crash of flight Itavia 870, and the bombing of the train station of Bologna. Among other things, it includes official documents of the various trials, and all the articles written by Andrea Purgatori, the journalist of the Corriere della Sera who inspired the movie Il muro di gomma. It contains also pictures and video clips.
A personal “tribute to the memory” of the Ustica incident. Includes documents, vignettes, images, and relevant bibliography.
Information on the Ustica incident, from the database of the Aviation Safety Network. Includes pictures, articles, and incident reports.

Michele Serra
The page of Michele Serra in the site of Italian publisher Feltrinelli. It includes interviews, articles and reviews.

Daria Bonfietti
From the site of the Italian Senate, the official page of Senator Daria Bonfietti, President of the Associazione Parenti delle Vittime della Strage di Ustica.

Marco Paolini
The official site of Marco Paolini, with texts, pictures, audio and video clips of his many productions, including I-TIGI Canto per Ustica. In Italian and in English.
In August of 2002, Marco Paolini traveled throughout Italy by train, for three long weeks, accompanying La Repubblica's journalist and writer Paolo Rumiz. The articles linked on this page deal mostly with the experience of being on an Italian train, and feature humorous vignettes by Altan.

Giovanna Marini
The official site of folk singer Giovanna Marini. Includes audio clips.

Daniele Del Giudice
This page contains a video clip with a long interview to Daniele Del Giudice, who talks about the Ustica incident.
Daniele Del Giudice is the coordinator of “Fondamenta-Venezia Città di Lettori,” a cultural program sponsored by the city of Venice.

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