An Intermediate to Advanced Reader in Italian Language and Culture
Andrea Fedi and Paolo Fasoli, Yale UP 2005 (ISBN: 0300104006)

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[Sections related to the contents of the book]

External links, organized by theme and Chapter
Each link is described, and pertinent contents briefly highlighted.

Interactive exercises
Presently offline: coming soon. Based on readings from the book.

Presently offline: coming soon. With hi-res digital pictures from the book (in color), and many new pictures.

Audio files
Presently offline: coming soon. With digital audio files of many of the readings from the book.

[Links to the publisher and to online booksellers]

The main page of Mercurio at Yale UP
Reviews, how to order desk copies, online purchase of the book etc.

Downloadable excerpt
Chapter 1, Biciclette, in a high resolution Acrobat (.pdf) file. It includes all images and original pagination, does not include endnotes. Big file!

Table of contents
Complete index of Mercurio, with short descriptions of all sections and excerpts.

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