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Questions and Comments submitted by the students via e-mail

This page contains a selection of the questions and comments submitted by the students during the semester. All names will be withheld. My responses, when posted, are formatted in italics.

This page was last updated on Sept. 6, 2006.

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Sept. 6 -- How difficult is it to get an A in this class?

It is difficult to give a short, meaningful answer to this question. The last time that I taught ITL112, in the Fall of 2003, 15 out of 16 students were still enrolled in the class at the end of the semester, and the average final grade was B. The median grade was B+ (in other terms, half of the students got a grade of B+ or higher). The grades were distributed as follows:
- 5 students got A or A-
- 4 students got B+, B or B-
- 4 students got C+, C or C-
- 2 student got an F
Keep in mind that the Fs were assigned to students who did not complete the classwork.
These are the numeric equivalents of the letter grades:
- 94-100 = A
- 90-93 = A-
- 87-89 = B+
- 84-86 = B
- 80-83 = B-
- 77-79 = C+
- 74-76 = C
- 70-73 = C-
- 66-69 = D+
- 60-65 = D
- 0-59 = F

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