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The best thing to do for anyone who studies a foreign language, next to visiting the country where that language is used, is to surf the Internet searching for Web sites offering references to contemporary events in the language of the day. The following is a short catalog of interesting and useful Italian Web sites with texts, audio or video.

This page was last updated on Sept. 6, 2006.
Links have been tested and were all working on Sept. 5.

Italian newspapers and magazines
The two newspapers with the widest circulation in Italy.
Created in 1896, La Gazzetta dello Sport is one of the oldest newspapers in Italy, and it is entirely dedicated to sport. Printed on its characteristic pink paper, it is the Italian daily with the third largest circulation. Since 1909, it sponsors the Giro d’Italia.
The site of Il Sole 24 ore, one of the largest financial newspapers in Europe.
The page of an Italian magazine focusing on current trends in home furnishing and decor.

The Italian political system
The site of the Italian Parliament.
The official site of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.

Italian singers and bands
The official page of the band Yo Yo Mundi.
The official pages of Paolo Conte, with audio files of his songs and videos.
The official page of Gino Paoli, with audio and video files.
The official page of Enrico Ruggeri.
The official page of the band Litfiba, with audio files of their songs.
The official page of Piero Pelù, formerly the lead singer of the band Litfiba, with video files of his music and interviews.
The official page of Alexia. Contains audio files of her songs.
The official page of singer Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti. Contains audio files and video clips (go to
Official site of the foundation created by the family and friends of late singer Fabrizio De André. Among other things, it contains many short video clips of his songs, performed by him and by famous Italian artists.
The newsgroup of De André’s fans.
The official site of singer songwriter Francesco Guccini.
The newsgroup of Guccini’s fans.
The official site of the band Mau Mau.
The official site of singer songwriter Roberto Vecchioni. With video clips, audio files, and a forum for his fans.
The music page of KataWeb, one of the Italian portals richest in content.
The site of the historic monthly Il Mucchio Selvaggio, specializing in Italian and international rock.
One of the best Italian fan sites devoted to Bob Dylan.

Italian media on the Internet
The Web site of the Italian public TV, RAI, with daily radio and TV newscasts, portals for most of their current programs, large archives, and much more.
In the online archives of Italian public TV.
Inside the web site of RAI, one can find the daily editions of 20 regional newscasts, in high quality streaming video.
TV On Line, from Vicenza (in the Italian North-East), broadcasts live on the Internet in Italian, in high resolution.
Telecolor is a Sicilian TV station that broadcasts live on the Internet, in Italian, in high resolution.
A radio station that broadcasts live on the Internet from Bologna.
A radio station that broadcasts live on the Internet from Sorrento. Programming in Italian and in dialect. The site includes a web cam, broadcasting live images from downtown Sorrento.

Soap italiane,7353,6,00.html,7246,0%5E1613,00.html
The official web sites of some of the most popular Italian soaps, with video and audio clips, information on their characters, summaries, fan forums, chats.

Italian cinema
The official site of Gabriele Salvatores’ movie, based on Ammaniti’s novel Io non ho paura. With audio and video files.
Fans’ sites dedicated to actor, director and producer Nanni Moretti. With synopses of all his movies, and famous quotes from his fictional personae.
Trailers (in Italian) of the movies currently showing in theaters in Italy.

Italian cities

The official web addresses of most Italian cities and towns follow this format: For ex.:
One of the first and best official web sites of an Italian city. A virtual map of Bologna helps navigate the site. All kinds of information and details about life in this city.
The page of Rome’s Il Messaggero contains links to local editions of the newspaper, distributed in regions of central Italy.
The page of Naples’s newspaper Il Mattino, updated daily.
News portal for Milan’s metropolitan area, featured inside the page of the daily Corriere della Sera. Contains an archive of high quality videos, constantly updated.
The local daily Gazzetta di Parma, founded in 1735, is one of the oldest newspapers in Europe.

Conte, scioglilingua, filastrocche, proverbi
Counting-out rhymes, nursery rhymes, riddles, lullabies, tongue-twisters, proverbs (textual archives, with some audio clips).
An extensive collection of multimedia projects created by Italian elementary school children, with the help of their teachers. It includes pictures, drawings, posters, and audio files.

Italian comic books
The portal of Disney Italia, with games, movie trailers, and the sites of comic books such as Topolino, all in Italian.
The site of the second largest publisher of comics in Italy, with pages on Tex, Dylan Dog, Martin Mystère, and all the others. Includes video clips, pictures, strips and background information on the stories.

The Simpsons in Italy
The page of Fox Italia, with notes about the programming of the Simpsons in Italy.
Site of the Italian fans of the Simpsons, with simple descriptions of the characters, and parallels between the American characters and Italian culture and society.
A newsgroup for the Italian TV viewers of the Simpsons.

eBay in Italy
The portal of the Italian version of eBay.

Italy and the EU
The official portal of the European Union, with links to pages in 20 different languages.
The Italian version of the official site of the EU.
An archive of simple and informative material on the EU (in Italian). Includes dozens of documents, posters, and maps.
A collection of simple interactive games based on European themes.
Various sites, mostly in Italian, on the European educational exchange programs.
Portals of ISP Tiscali, owned by Italian media mogul Renato Soru. The European version contains news and general information on the EU.

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