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St. Francis of Assisi and medieval culture

This page contains a required reading discussed in class on Jan. 17.

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St. Francis of Assisi, The Canticle of the Sun

O most high, almighty good Lord God, to thee
belong praise, glory, honor, and all blessing!

Praised be my Lord God with all his creatures;
and specially our brother the sun, who brings
us the day, and who brings us the light;
fair is he, and shining with a very great splendor:
O Lord, to us he signifies thee!

Praised be my Lord for our sister the moon,
and for the stars, that which
he has set clear and lovely in heaven.

Praised be my Lord for our brother the wind,
and for air and cloud, calms and all weather,
by which you upholds in life all creatures.

Praised be my Lord for our sister water,
who is very serviceable unto us,
and humble, and precious, and clean.

Praised be my Lord for our brother the fire,
by which you dispel darkness:
beautiful is he, and useful
and strong and powerful.

Praised be my Lord for our mother the earth,
that which does sustain us and keep us,
and brings forth diverse fruits,
and flowers of many colors, and grass.

Praised be my Lord for all those
who pardon one another for his love’s sake
and who endure weakness and tribulation;
blessed are they who peaceably shall endure,
for you, O most Highest, shall give them a crown!

Praised be my Lord for our sister
the death of the body, from whom no man escapes.
Woe to him who dies in mortal sin!
Blessed are they who are found walking
by your most holy will, for the second death
shall have no power to do them harm.

Praise you, and bless you the Lord,
and give thanks unto Him,
and serve Him with great humility.

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