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Fornovolasco (Lucca)

Practice your understanding of the material introduced in this class by taking interactive tests which are programmed to provide immediate feedback. Questions and answers follow the same format used in the final exam: in fact, at least 50% of the multiple-choice questions of the final exam are taken from these quizzes.

In order to take these online quizzes, you may have to configure your browser to allow the Web page to run scripts and ActiveX controls.


  1. Quiz on crucial issues in Italian civilization (6 multiple-choice questions)
  2. Quiz on statistics and data about modern Italy (5 multiple-choice questions)
  3. Quiz on the general overview of Italian civilization (7 multiple-choice questions)
  4. Quiz on ancient civilizations in Italy (4 multiple-choice questions)
  5. Quiz on Rome vs. Carthage - Ancient Rome in fiction (4 multiple-choice questions)
  6. Quiz on Religion in Roman culture and society (6 multiple-choice questions)
  7. Quiz on various topics of Units 3-6, 8 (12 multiple-choice questions)

More quizzes

The following quizzes are not included in the 2009 final exam

  1. Quiz on St. Francis of Assisi, medieval culture and society (4 multiple-choice questions)
  2. Quiz on Dante, medieval culture and society (9 multiple-choice questions)


Final exams

Here you can read or download copies of the exams given in the past three years:


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