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The Tiber river, seen from Castel Sant'Angelo (Roma)

This page contains links to recent articles on Italy and Italian civilization that were written or published in English, and that have some relevance for this class. All readings from this page, unless instructed otherwise , should be treated as “suggested readings.”

NB: articles from The New York Times require free registration. Articles from Italian newspaper sometimes are removed from view after a certain period of time.


Social, political, economic issues

"Northern League Proposes Milanese-only Seats on Public Transport" (Corriere della Sera, May 8, 2009)

"Berlusconi’s Wife Seeks a Divorce" (The New York Times, May 3, 2009)

"Division, Unity and the Euro" (The New York Times, May 2, 2009)

"Fiat-Chrysler Deal Gets Final Go-ahead" (Corriere della Sera, Apr. 29, 2009)

"Premier’s Roving Eye Enrages Wife, but Not His Public" (The New York Times, Apr. 29, 2009)

"Pope Visits Devastated Earthquake Zone" (The New York Times, Apr. 28, 2009)

"Protests Grow at Milan Anti-kebab Law – “Disobedient” Ice Cream in Via Borsieri" (Corriere della Sera, Apr. 23, 2009)

"Tent School Opens for Youngest Italy Quake Victims" (The New York Times, Apr. 16, 2009)

"One Building In Two Unsafe At L’Aquila" (Corriere della Sera, Apr. 14, 2009)

"Heroes and Old Trucks - The two Italys" (Corriere della Sera, Apr. 8, 2009)

"Homeless Struggle to Cope in Italy Quake Zone" (The New York Times, Apr. 8, 2009)

"Italians Comb Through Rubble After Quake" (The New York Times, Apr. 7, 2009)

"Damage to Historical Monuments ‘Significant’" (The New York Times, Apr. 6, 2009)

"Earthquake at the Door" (The New York Times, Apr. 6, 2009)

"At Least 92 Die in Earthquake in Italy" (The New York Times, Apr. 6, 2009)

"Italian Magazine Tries to Narrow Gap With Muslims" (The New York Times, Apr. 4, 2009)

"The European Single Market Shows Its Seams" (The New York Times, Apr. 1, 2009)

"In Helping Chrysler, Fiat May Find an Opportunity" (The New York Times, Mar. 31, 2009)

"Marchionne Flies to US as Fiat and Chrysler Reach Agreement" (Corriere della Sera, Mar. 31, 2009)

"Romans Spend 227 Hours a Year in Traffic Jams" (Corriere della Sera, Mar. 25, 2009)

"Crowds march against Naples mafia" (BBC News, Mar. 21, 2009)

"In Italy, a Vending Machine Even Makes the Pizza" (The New York Times, Mar. 13, 2009)

"A Walled City in Tuscany Clings to Its Ancient Menu" (The New York Times, Mar. 12, 2009)

"Italy’s Passion for Vigilantes" (Corriere della Sera, Mar. 12, 2009)

"Italian Court Upends Trial Involving C.I.A. Links" (The New York Times, Mar. 11, 2009)

"Dioceses all over Italy mobilised" (Corriere della Sera, Mar. 2, 2009)

"Growing Economic Crisis Threatens the Idea of One Europe" (The New York Times, Mar. 1, 2009)

"Berlusconi Promises Power Stations After Franco-Italian Nuclear Agreement" (Corriere della Sera, Feb. 25, 2009)

"Has Italy's Left Found its Own Obama?" (Time Magazine, Feb. 20, 2009)

"Berlusconi vs. Murdoch: Italy's Real Reality TV" (Time Magazine, Feb. 18, 2009)

"Italian Opposition Leader Says He Failed" (The New York Times, Feb. 18, 2009)

"Italy Finds Lawyer Guilty of Taking a Bribe in Exchange for Protecting the Premier" (The New York Times, Feb. 17, 2009)

"Centre-right Takes Sardinia As Cappellacci Ousts Soru" (Corriere della Sera, Feb. 17, 2009)

"Impairing the European Union, Gibe by Gibe" (The New York Times, Feb. 13, 2009)

"Doctors May Report Illegals" (Corriere della Sera, Feb. 6, 2009)

"Death Ends Coma Case That Set Off Furor in Italy" (The New York Times, Feb. 9, 2009)

"Italy Moves to Keep Alive a Woman in a Coma" (The New York Times, Feb. 6, 2009)

"British Unions, Angry Over Use of Foreign Workers, Stage Walkouts" (The New York Times, Jan. 30, 2009)

"Lucca Bans Kebabs" (Corriere della Sera, Jan. 27, 2009)

"Once a Boon, Euro Now Burdens Some Nations" (The New York Times, Jan. 23, 2009)

"Chrysler Opts for Fiat" (Corriere della Sera, Jan. 20, 2009)

"On Facebook, Sicilian Mafia Is a Hot Topic" (The New York Times, Jan. 19, 2009)

"All Roads May Lead Here, but They Aren’t Bringing Big Spenders" (The New York Times, Jan. 12, 2009)


Italian culture, history, the arts

"Out of Fellini and Into ‘The Godfather,’ a Politician’s Life" (The New York Times, Apr. 24, 2009)

"Yes, It’s Beautiful, the Italians All Say, but Is It a Michelangelo?" (The New York Times, Apr. 21, 2009)

"Who’s Buried in Cleopatra’s Tomb?" (The New York Times, Apr. 21, 2009)

"Researchers may have found Cleopatra's final resting place" (CNN, Apr. 17, 2009)

"Lost in Space With Dido and Aeneas" (The New York Times, Apr. 6, 2009)

"A Telescope to the Past as Galileo Visits U.S." (The New York Times, Mar. 27, 2009)

"For Sale In ... Sicily" (The New York Times, Mar. 24, 2009)

"Danish Museum Resists Return of Disputed Artifacts" (The New York Times, Mar. 16, 2009)

"Passion of the Moment: A Triptych of Masters" (The New York Times, Mar. 12, 2009)

"Federica Turns Panic Into World Record" (Corriere della Sera, Mar. 9, 2009)

"Mediaeval 'vampire' skull found near Venice" (The Telegraph, Mar. 8, 2009)

"Frugal Venice, Family Style" (The New York Times, Feb. 27, 2009)

"In Tough Times, the Humanities Must Justify Their Worth" (The New York Times, Feb. 24, 2009)

"Caravaggio Clones Caravaggio" (Corriere della Sera, Feb. 12, 2009)

"A Turnaround Specialist Takes on Italy's Museums" (The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 12, 2009)


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