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Language House at the ELLC

Roma, l'arco di Settimo Severo


Thanks and kudos; history

  • the members of the “Language committee”
    • Andrea F.
    • Irene M.
    • Prosper S.
    • Giuseppe C.
  • the original impetus
  • the significance of the initiative

Past, present and future

Outcome of the initiative

  • short- and medium-term projects
    • calendar
    • commitment
  • suggestions
    • for your consideration
  • unexplored issues
  • do what I say
    • Hannibal and Scipio

What's out there

Trends in society and the academia

  • full immersion, abroad and in situ
  • cloud computing
    • from posting a handout online to editing class material in your browser during a lecture
  • wikiality
  • online collaboration, minimally structured, growing naturally
  • exploitation of free labor (“internships”)
    • if hospitals and middle/high schools do it…

Out of the classroom

SLA and SCA in the real and in the virtual world

  • study abroad?
  • study online (the buzzword is eLearning)
    • commuters with iPhones, Google G1s, Blackberries etc.
    • the broadband network on Long Island
    • social status and the issue of attendance

Suggestions and projects

The committee is working on these ideas/projects

  • Full immersion retreats
  • 115/215 (Spring 2010)
    • one credit, 14 hours (7+7, two Saturdays)
    • conversational, refreshers or boosters for first- and second-year students
    • team-taught (2-3 instructors, plus assistants chosen among the majors and the graduate students, esp. FLAs)
    • students to be divided in groups of 5-8, going to different rooms, rotating every 45 minutes (with a cafeteria-style, monitored supervised lunch-in-the-language
  • 101/201 organized similarly (Summer 2010? Winter 2011?)

Increase communication in L2

Increase exposure of the students to the language, by organizing encounters with native speakers, during campus lifetime

  • big shots from the city, the University, Brookhaven National Lab
  • star athletes playing in the area
  • foreign students (athletes, scientists, musicians, etc.)
  • local residents, grandparents coming from Europe to visit relatives

Introduce a paragraph in the syllabus of each ELLC class taught in English (Spring 2009)

  • what projects/assignments can be done in L2, supervision and grading of those works, etc.

Communication and cooperation

Increase exposure of the students to the instructors

  • virtual tutoring (via PC, Webcams)
  • online labs
  • open websites, wikis, to share
    • links to interesting material
    • interactive exercises (HotPotatoes)
    • pictures, videos
    • screencasts

Collaboration and creation

  • students working on wikis, creating useful projects/resources
    • workshops on the wiki functions of Blackboard or other wiki software to be offered starting from Spring 2009
  • FLA students working on projects in support of language instruction
  • recitals with short scenes, monologues or readings in more than one language
    • team-supervised, with the support of assistants chosen among Majors/FLAs
  • monthly encounters for languages instructors, majors, FLAs
    • February, March and April 2009
    • showcasing class activities, workshops, etc.

Foreign-language festival

Articulation with local school, recruitment

  • 2010?
  • funding?
  • ad hoc committee
  • former graduates who are now teaching on Long Island

Other issues


  • EU framework assessment

Hybrid classes

  • LLRC


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